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g4g is a redistribution resource for national retailers and manufacturers to donate their goods to other non-profit organizations. g4g facilitates the distribution of those goods to the needy in our communities.



If you are a 501 (c)(3) organization or a school/university listed on GuideStar you are eligible to apply for our donation program. MEMBERSHIP SIGNUP



Apply for our donation voucher program through one of our approved non-profits. INDIVIDUAL SIGNUP



Consider supporting our donation efforts by supplying g4g with your products. Please email or call David for more details.

This is a sample listing of Non Profit Partners who have joined our membership program for donations.

J.O.B American Legion Gold Country BaptistCEDAPP Green Valley ChurchCOTF   Holy Trinity Church M.O.R.E Pollock Pines Community Center Park Community Church Cameron Park Community FoundationCold Springs Church  Leoni Meadows Peabody's Gun RangeEl Dorado Community Health Center Gold Country Retirement CenterCaring By Nature Foothill Dog RescueThe Big Yellow Barn    Forward Bible Camp

This is a sample listing of National Retailers & Manufacturers that donate to the Good360 program.

Amazon CarQuest Grainger Home Depot TemperPedic Torrid Walmart Homelegance

Pallet Program

Pallet Program

Non-profit members may request as many pallets as they deem necessary. From one pallet to a whole truckload, g4g can deliver your order and you can begin distribution to your constituents quickly.

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